Riverwest 24

Hour Bike Race

July 26-27, 2024 | 7pm - 7pm

The ride starts in: It's on! The ride has been going for:


The race lives on and the organizers are tired! If you'd like to devote some substantial time and effort to keeping the lights on and the trains running on time, consider one of these areas of assistance. 

Note: We are looking for commitment and dedication. This is not a 4 hour volunteer shift. This is getting in up to your elbows in the months and weeks before the race, or knee deep on race day.  

It's fun, it's tiring, it's rewarding as hell.  

Here's some areas where we could use some bodies/brains... 

Breakfast* - Planning and cooking for 500+ people during the race, includes ordering/creating shopping lists, managing a plethora of volunteers
Social Media* - Using all channels to push info, share joy. Making content, maintaining a consistent “voice”.

Volunteer Scheduling* - Assign 800+ volunteers to jobs. Manage communications with volunteers, assign & manage volunteer time slots before and during the race on the fly

Checkpoint 1, 2, & 3 Logistics - Assisting in planning and setting up the checkpoint(s), and oversee permits, activities

**CP3: Party Mom/Dad: Stay relatively sober for a 4 hour shift and make sure the kids at 3 are safe, drinking water, and making good decisions.

Start/Finish - "Race Help Desk"  a team of people handling questions, chaos wrangler, directing people (like volunteers) where to go, problem solving. (Deep knowledge of rules, scoring, route, etc a must)

Infrastructure - Human needs such as porto potties, soap, trash management, tents, tables, permits, cones, water, transport, etc.

Tech Team- Managing data, website, scoring app, registration databases, coding/programming, live streams, troubleshooting day-of, hiding behind a computer, basically the A/V club.

Prize Mgr* - Acquiring prizes (serious or not) for the “winners”, reaching out to businesses or artists, etc for prize donations. (AKA shaking down local businesses for free shit as prizes). Assembling prizes and presenting at the end of race.

Kids24 Race* - Kids Race needs a Hero! Take over the organization and coordination of a fun, obstacle course-esque race for two kids age groups during the race, oversee volunteers, find location, develop games and fun things! Make it your own!

"Big Art" - NEW. Create community and public art projects or installations that are interactive and involve the riders and community to take place during the race.

Art/Design - Make print materials or graphics, beautification of things as needed. Very TBD.

Tattoo Logistics - Right Hand to the Tattoo artists.  Logistics and coordination of yearly tattoo, finding secret location, setting up, getting the artists what they need, keep them fed and watered during the race.

Community Outreach NEW - Trying to get people involved from all backgrounds, reaching out to different organizations, communities, and under-represented populations. 

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Management NEW - improving the efforts of providing agency, opportunity, and inclusion for antiracism within the RW24 organization

Pre-Race Dinner - Coordinating with the co-op to Plan and cook pre race dinner for 500+ people. (Fri evening before the race starts). Includes ordering/creating shopping lists, managing volunteers etc.

Bonus Management - Pre-race: assisting in coordinating the bonuses, helping develop concepts and logistic of rider & participant involvement. Race-Day: checking on bonuses, fielding calls for help, fighting fires & problem solving on the fly! (Pre-Race and/or During Race opportunities.)

T-Shirt Ordering - helping make economical and timely decisions for acquiring 1000s of tshirts for all riders and volunteers, + kids24 race shirts. Coordinating with artist for image. Working with vendors to find colors/sizes. 

Printing Manager - helping organize and coordinate all the printing needs such as manifests, spoke cards, bonus manifests, rules, bonus sign of sheets, and other random shit in a timely and economical way. Coordinating with/wrangling/begging several teams to get the data needed to print (rosters, team names, etc ec)


Email info@riverwest24.com if you want to hop in!