Riverwest 24

Hour Bike Race

July 26-27, 2024 | 7pm - 7pm

The ride starts in: It's on! The ride has been going for:


Race FAQ 


When is the Race?

The Riverwest 24 is always the last full weekend of July

Where/when can I sign up?

Read the Registration Day FAQs!

Sign up is by lottery system on the 1st Sunday of May (2022 it's May 15th!). Historically: starting at 10am at Wu Tang/Garden park, & Black Husky. Registration is closed after Lottery Day. Members can be swapped but not added.

You can also secure your guaranteed VIP slot for next year's ride by volunteering this year! Email volunteer@riverwest24.com for a link to the volunteer sign up form. 


What is the route?

There is only a suggested route, you are free to choose any route you like as long as you go to each checkpoint in order.  You can see the suggested route here.


How long is each lap?

Approx. 4.6 miles if you ride the suggested course.  This does not include leaving the course for bonus checkpoints.


What happens if I lose my manifest?

The laps on that manifest do not count.  Only completed manifests are counted.  The only exception is the manifest you turn in at the end of the race, that one does not need to be complete.

If you do lose you manifest, come back to the Start/Finish line to get a new one.


What if I miss a checkpoint/ didn't get it punched?

We will not punch your manifest if the previous checkpoint is not punched.  You must return to the checkpoint you missed and get it punched there.


Do I need to ride the entire time?

No.  In fact most people are riding for fun and to go to the bonus checkpoints.


What are the bonus checkpoints?

Bonus checkpoints are rotating locations in the neighborhood that riders can go to and receive extra points.  They are optional (though strongly encouraged) and will be released race day.  They are fun, silly, meaningful, learning experiences you can experience every hour.

Can I do the Bonuses without riding/registering? 

YESSSS!  New for 2022!  The Bonus Edition was such a hit, we're now opening Bonuses to anyone who wants to play.  No need to register if you just want to hit up the shenanigans.


Where does the registration fee go?

Registration is $24/rider.  The money you spend to register is used to make the race happen.  It pays for your shirts, spoke cards, meals, printing costs, web costs, port-o-potties, Bonus supplies, etc.  Nobody keeps the money. If we can make this happen without spending any of our own money to support it, everyone is happy.


Can multiple riders from my team ride at the same time?

Join the Convoy Class!  Convoy is multiple riders riding together!

Otherwise yes, but only one of you will be counted.  Each team gets one manifest at a time, the rider that has the manifest in hand is the only rider that can score lap points.

In addition, all riders must have a wristband.  All tandem teams must have two riders on the bike at all times, no teams can have substitute riders.


How do I find out the race details?

When you sign up you will receive an email confirming you signed up along with everything you will need to know for the race.  If you did not get an email, check with your team leader (not every team member left their email address) and if they didn't get one contact us register@riverwest24.com

When is the Kids Ride?

NEW LOCATION!!  2023 it's at Escuela Fratney, here's the details!

Did we miss something?  email us info@riverwest24.com