Riverwest 24

Hour Bike Race

July 24-25, 2020 | 7pm - 7pm

The ride starts in: It's on! The ride has been going for:


Summary: THERE IS NO RACE IN THE GREAT TIME OUT OF 2020. But we're raising money for 2 local organizations, and you get a TSHIRT!

As you know, there will be NO race this year because 2020 is having a serious time out.
And... we love tradition, we love our city, and we love to help. So, in an effort to raise money for local organizations on the ground, we are going to open “registration” anyway. Registration is in quotes... because there is no race, but you DO get a t-shirt and spoke card, your name on the leaderboard, and you’ll help us test our Beta online profile system so it’s bulletproof when we ride again.

The gates are NOW OPEN. Create your profile and give us your T-shirt size. For this symbolic exercise (and $24) you will receive a T-SHIRT and spoke card for your collection (designed by local artist Alex Scott @Theurgy_Art) and you will appear on the zero-lap leaderboard. For 2020, funds will boost Ayuda Mutua and LIT MKE who are doing incredible work in our city, help with potential RW24 events, and will pay for coaching and training as we develop and grow our capacity for racial equity work within our organization.

How to “register” for your 2020 t-shirt - BETA:

  • *Create your personal Rider Profile:
  • Go to “Create Profile” (Under the countdown clock in the upper right). This is the equivalent of filling out your sheet on lottery day, but now we don’t have to read some of your terrible drunken handwriting with Bloody Mary spilled on it (you know who you are).

*Contribute the Cash: 

Drop $25 ($24 + $1 CC fee) into our till. Please use the same email address or name that you used on your profile so we can find you and mark you as paid. This year, payment is the only step you need to take to be “in”. You’re all VIP. Congratulations! You’re “racing” in the race that wasn’t! In the interest of simplicity and brain space, we’re not forming teams at this time. Consider yourself one gigantic Team #1 in the purely symbolic, non-race of 2020. Good news, you’ve already won!

  • *Pick-up your "Rider pack" (GYST*):
  • Local pickup only. No shipping. It’s the 24 after all. If you’re out of town, make a friend. Pickup will be in Gardener’s park (usual site of Lottery Day, Locust and Bremen) on July 24th from 2-7pm. If you cannot make it that day, or the weather is not agreeable, you will receive “rain date” pick up instructions.

Questions to Register@Riverwest24.com.

Thank you everyone who has signed up to volunteer for our community volunteer shifts, and carried the spirit of the RW24 with you through hours of dedicated service. Feeling the need to get more involved? Go to Join/Get Involved to check out our list of local groups we love that could use your fuel.

In Conclusion: We miss you and we hope to see you in the streets, now in a new way, creating our own bonus checkpoints every single day.

*GYST: Get Your Shit Together