Riverwest 24

Hour Bike Race

July 30-31, 2008 | 7pm - 7pm

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RW24 : Bonus Edition : July 23-24, 2021, 7pm Friday to 7pm Saturday.

2021 FAQ

This is the Bonus Edition year! We are observing the People's Holiday, but not in our usual fashion. There will be no registration, no scoring, no leaderboard. Anyone is welcome to ride their bike and attend bonuses.

We have slated 100(!!!) bonuses to keep you busy and meet lots of friends all day and night!

There will be a Bonus Zine, which riders can pick up (no cost!) from noon-6pm at Start/Finish on Friday, July 23rd. Inside the zine you will find: a list of all the bonuses, blank pages so you can score yourself and keep track of your own laps, record your memories and achievements. If you want, you can check off bonuses as you do them. This is a create-your-own-adventure year. Share a photo of your stats page on social media with #MYRW24.  Like every year, the bonuses will be announced on July 23rd.

We will have a traditional rider's meeting at 6:30pm at Start/Finish, and a closing ceremony at 7pm on Saturday.  

The streets belong to you. Ride the course as many times as you like. Ride solo or with you The energy will be out there.

Set personal goals, start friendly rivalries, do bonuses, share stories, play music, heckle, cheer, and make friends. Create amazing neighborhood energy and ride your bike!

It will be different than a “normal” 24, but the possibilities are endless.

The Holiday is and has always been, what you make it.

You will still make a friend.
You will still ride your bike.
You will still feel the YAY!

Come ride it out!