Riverwest 24

Hour Bike Race

July 28-29, 2023 | 7pm - 7pm

The ride starts in: It's on! The ride has been going for:



RIDE IS July 29-30th 2022!!!

Bonuses open to all!

Stay TF off Humboldt! 

"Slower Your Expectations"

Last year's ALL BONUS EDITION was such a hit, we're bringing a bit of that back.  This year you don't have to be a registered rider to do Bonuses!  If you're into the shenanigans without the saddle time, show up, grab a Bonus List, and get out there and have fun with your neighbors.  24 hours of bonuses, all day, all night, open ot ALL!  Bonus Lists will be available at Rider Packet Pickup (Friday afternoon at Club 99) and at all Checkpoints throughout the race. 

HEY RIDERS: We have MORE BONUSES than ever, and MORE BONUS PARTICIPANTS than ever. This is going to shake up your strategy from previous years. Have fun with it.  Everything old is new again.  Don't sweat the laps and scores.  Engage with your neighbors and revel in the fun and find a new way to RW24. 

HUMBOLDT:  It's a mess and it's unsafe. We and the City are STRONGLY, strongly. StRonGlY discouraging any riding on Humboldt.  The sidewalk is for pedestrians, and there isnt enough room for bikes and cars. Please find a new route from CP2 to CP3.  Explore the inner streets.  Use the new Bike Boulevard on Fratney. Find a new route through your old neighborhood.  

Again: Since 2020 every year has been weird, and this year is weird in it's own ways. Embrace the weird and enjoy the ride.  

TSHIRTS will be available for purchase at Volunteer HQ (yard across from Start Finish) until we sell out. 

COVID: is dumb but it's rippin'.  Please respect your punchers and keep your manifest out of your dang mouth! And out of your butt crack too while we're asking.  Bring a mask, you may need one for some bonuses. Lets not be super spreaders, ya?

KIDS 24: 

Gaenslin school parking lot. Saturday 7/30
11:00am  - ages 4- 7 years
12:00pm - ages 8- 13 years

4:30 Switchback CLOSED: There is a non RW24 Wedding at Kadish at 4:30. We're CLOSING THE SWITCHBACK at that time to let the bride have her moment and walk down the aisle/path with her dad.

Matt's "STay off the highway to the danger zone" suggested route

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2022 suggested Route Map

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