Riverwest 24

Hour Bike Race

July 26-27, 2024 | 7pm - 7pm

The ride starts in: It's on! The ride has been going for:


** Registration FAQ **

Q: When is Race Day?
A: The Riverwest 24 is on the last full weekend of July

Q: When is Lottery Day?
A: 2024 it's MAY 5th at BLACK HUSKY! (Registration is usually the 1st Sunday of May, at Garden Park)

Q: If I show up for the Lottery, am I guaranteed to get in?
A: No. We have a limited # of rider slots we can fill. When we fill up, we’re done. But your chances are good.
[Hot tip: Volunteer for guaranteed entry the following year.]

Q: How does Lottery Day work?

A: Come to Garden Park/WuTang park/Black Husky the first Sunday of May & get a lottery ticket. (Free). 1 Per person. Bring friends, get more tickets! Jeremy will pull tickets starting at NOON & throughout the day. If he pulls yours, you can go inside and sign up your entire team.  If your team gets in, you can give your other tickets away.

We pull tickets until we hit the cap. We always hit the cap.

Q: Does my whole team have to come to Lottery Day?

A: Nope! But the more the merrier, and the better your lottery chances.  But if anyone from your team is VIP or gets pulled in the Lottery, they can create the whole team.

Q: I am busy on Sunday, do I have to be there in person to get in?
A: Yes, you or SOMEONE REPRESENTING YOU/YOUR TEAM must be there in person when their ticket is called. If you’re riding on a team, any team member can get the whole team in with their winning ticket. If you’re solo and can’t be there, MAKE A FRIEND and send them in your stead. If you have to leave early, MAKE A FRIEND. If you can’t get there till after noon, MAKE A FRIEND. Registration is in-person only. Some human has to be there to register you.

Q: I forgot to add someone to my team on Lottery Day, can I still add them if it's over?

A: No, sorry. We sell out every year and not everyone who shows up gets in.  Once lottery day is over, you can trade out team members, but you cannot add. They/you can still be part of the race day vibe by volunteering!

Q: If I registered as VIP do I have to show up on Lottery Day?
A: YES you must still show up on Lottery day, but you're guaranteed entry. You can start signing up at 10am 

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Sorry, just Cash and Check only . There’s an ATM at Sunrise (Locust/Weil). $34 per rider.

Q: Do I have to pay on site Lottery day or can I pay you later?
A: NO IOUs. You have to pay Lottery day when you hand us your registration sheet.

Q: I am a Volunteer VIP but my team still needs to get in, anything I should know?
A: If you volunteered, you can get your team in.

Q: What info do you need from us if we get in?
A: Create a Profile on this site BEFORE LOTTERY DAY! We'll use this to activate you if you get in.

Q: The "Create Profile" page says "Email Already Taken". Halp!

A: This means you created one already. Probably in 2020. Go to LOGIN and try to sign in, or hit Reset Password if you don't remember it.


All times approximate and based on us having our shit together
10:00am  Start handing out tickets

10:00am  VIPs can start signing up. 

NOON  First tickets pulled! 

3:00pm  Approximately when we sell out.