Riverwest 24

Hour Bike Race

July 30-31, 2008 | 7pm - 7pm

The ride starts in: It's on! The ride has been going for:


(In a normal year)

** Registration FAQ **

Q: When is Race Day?
A: The Riverwest 24 is on the last full weekend of July

Q: When is Lottery Day?
A: Registration is the 1st Sunday of May, at the RW Public House.

Q: If I show up for the Lottery, am I guaranteed to get in?
A: No. We have a limited # of rider slots we can fill. When we fill up, we’re done. But your chances are good.
[Hot tip: Volunteer for guaranteed entry the following year.]

Q: I am busy on Sunday, do I have to be there in person to get in?
A: Yes, you or SOMEONE REPRESENTING YOU/YOUR TEAM must be there in person when their ticket is
called. If you’re riding on a team, any team member can get the whole team in with their winning ticket. If
you’re solo and can’t be there, MAKE A FRIEND and send them in your stead. If you have to leave early, MAKE A FRIEND. If you can’t get there till after noon, MAKE A FRIEND. Registration is in-person only. Some human has to be there to register you.

Q: I forgot to add someone to my team on Lottery Day, can I still add them if it's over?

A: No, sorry. We sell out every year and not everyone who shows up gets in.  Once lottery day is over, you can trade out team members, but you cannot add. They/you can still be part of the race day vibe by volunteering!

Q: If I registered as VIP do I have to show up on Lottery Day?
A: No, you’re golden, but it’s a fun party, you should come.

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Sorry, just Cash and Check on Lottery day. There’s an ATM on site. Registration is $24 per lottery rider.

Q: Do I have to pay on site Lottery day or can I pay you later?
A: NO IOUs. You have to pay Lottery day when you hand us your registration sheet.

Q: I am a Volunteer VIP but my team still needs to get in, anything I should know?
A: If they get in, have them list you with their team on the registration sheet and mark you as a VIP
(checkbox) so we can merge you into their team later.

Q: What info do you need from us if we get in?
A: Here’s a link to the registration form. PLEASE FILL THIS OUT before Sunday, or on Sunday... BEFORE
approaching the registration desk. Have your Sh*t Together please.