Riverwest 24

Hour Bike Race

July 26-27, 2024 | 7pm - 7pm

The ride starts in: It's on! The ride has been going for:


Deep 2021 FAQ

What's Different This Year (Short Version)

2021 Schedule

I’m riding this year. What does it look like?

Will there be winners?

Are there any Rules?

How do I sign up to ride?

I lost a few of the zine pages, where can I print out a copy?

How do I find all the bonuses?

What's Different This Year? (Short Version)

  • *Free! - No registration! Just show up!
  • *Pick up list of bonuses at Start / Finish 12-6pm Friday 7/23 (Center/Pierce)
  • *No Scoring, No Leaderboard. Ride with friends! Score yourself!
  • *100 bonuses. 24 hours of unique experiences around RW & beyond.
  • *Share your accomplishments on the leaderboard of Social Media with #MYRW24!


  • Noon - 6pm Fri: Zine/Bonus list pickup @ Start Finish
  • 6:30 Friday: Traditional Riders meeting @ Start/Finish (Center/Pierce)
  • 7:00pm Fri - 7:00pm Sat: Bonuses open, parties start, ride with friends!
  • 10:00-1:00PM Sat: Kids24 Obstacle Courses @ Gaenslen School
  • 7:00 Sat: Celebration of Completion!


I’m riding this year. What does it look like? (Long Version)
Riverwest needs to celebrate and have our holiday again. Due to COVID-19, the “race” components will be postponed until next year. For 2021, organizers have planned 100 bonuses throughout our community. Riders can pick up the starter zine/bonus list (at no cost!) from noon-6pm at Start/Finish on Friday, July 23rd.
At each bonus, there will be a zine page for you to add to your zine. At 7pm on Saturday, you’ll have a ton of great memories and a unique zine book of experiences you chose.
When you pick up your starter zine on Friday, it will include a list of all the bonuses with locations, and times. Then you get to explore for 24 hours at your own pace, completing as many bonuses as you can! We hope you still ride the course as well. The zine will have a place to track your laps and other stats. Take a photo and share on social media with #MYRW24

Will there be winners?
Although there are no laps to count this year, you win by “choosing your own adventure” in 24 hours, and picking up as many zine pages as you can and riding the course in between. The zine will have a place to track laps and share on social media with #MYRW24 hashtag. You’re a winner already by keeping the People’s Holiday alive!


Are there any rules?

Nope! Other than Obey Traffic Laws and Dont Be A Jerk, your 24 is your 24.  Ride as little or as much as you want. Hit all 4 checkpoints or take a shortcut.  Ride with friends, relay style, or solo.  Make goals or wander. Do 100 bonuses or 100 laps or 100 high fives, doesnt matter. It's your holiday.

PS: WEAR A HELMET AND LIGHTS.  Your commitment to safety allows this event to keep happening every year without interference.


How do I sign up to ride or volunteer?
No Registration or Signup to participate! For the 2021 Bonus Edition of RW24, there is no need to sign up. Grab your bike, your helmet, your reflectors, a friend, and jump in! Ride at your own risk, and don’t be a jerk!

I lost a few of the zine pages, where can I print out a copy?

Here is is!




Google map of all bonus locations!