Riverwest 24

Hour Bike Race

July 26-27, 2019 | 7pm - 7pm

The ride starts in: It's on! The ride has been going for:


So you want to be involved in this years Riverwest24 but do not know exactly how?

Never fear we need you! This event can only happen with your help! This event is a true community happening that is way more then just the riders, it is the neighbors, the block parties, the impromptu craziness and the Volunteers who help make it all happen! Check out all the info below.

There are a five main volunteer opportunities that could use hundreds of volunteers- this race can not function without volunteers!

Please let us know what you are interested in, your time commitment, and we will get you on the schedule(s). If you have some other great idea for the event, or a specific skill you want to utilize let us know that too!

Main volunteer opportunities :

  • Scoring

6 people needed at all times. These are 2 or 4 hours(min) shifts that are essential to keeping the race running smoothly.

  • Safety/Course-Ops Volunteers

Needed at busy intersections, to help traffic run smoothly for the riders and the neighbors. 2-4 hour shift(min)

  • Meal Times

Friday night pre-race meal at the Riverwest Co-op will need volunteers to help set up, serve food, and clean up.

Saturday morning breakfast will need volunteer help the few nights before the race with prep, the night of the race for last minute prep and EARLY Sat morning for setup, cooking, serving, and cleanup.

  • Checkpoint volunteers

All of our checkpoints could use support. Any night owls out there? You help mark manifests, keep the energy up and cheer, cheer, cheer. 2 hour(min) shifts

  • Bonus Checkpoint volunteers

Staff a bonus checkpoint, watch the fun and mayhem and make sure that all the riders are scored correctly. 2 hour(min) shifts

Email us at volunteer@riverwest24.com!